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Are you a risk taker?
Discover the rewards of missionary life


Learn how to be effective as an intercultural missionary


There are many do's and don'ts when you enter into other cultures.  Especially when discussing the sensitive topics of religion and faith.  Learn how to share your faith with people from other major religions as well as tribal religions and cults.


Diverse Student Community


Our students come from a variety of regions, and speak a number of different dialects.  While all instruction takes place in English, it is not the mother tongue for any of our students (to date.)  Our desire is to begin training missionaries from other nations in the near future.  


ACIS is not a degree factory!  Our students become like family.

Not only do our students study together, they live together; eat together; serve together, and learn the value of working as a team.  They graduate as more than just friends - they truly become family while living in Aurora.


Our Graduates are easily employed


Our graduates are working as international missionaries, with tribal people in the Philippines and as pastors.  They are also in demand by Christian ministries throughout the Philippines. We provide vocational training through TESDA to help our graduates become tent-makers wherever the Lord leads them.  


World Class Faculty who are also missionaries!


All of our full-time faculty have served as missionaries and have completed at least a master's degree from a reputable seminary or Bible school.  As missionaries, they are able to share real world examples with our students. 


Complete Your Bachelor's degree in three years


Our schedule offers students the opportunity to join at any time and graduate after they have completed all of the required courses.  Classes are held Monday-Friday.  Courses are scheduled so that every student has the ability to finish a Bachelor's degree in Intercultural Studies in just three years.   

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