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120 Units required for Graduation

FIRST YEAR SUBJECTS (42 units)              

Course                                COURSE TITLE                                                                               No. of Units

Number                                                                                                                     (2 unless otherwise specified)


MI 351                                Introduction to Missiology                                                                      

MI 341                                Community Development 1                                                                    

PC 351                                 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling                                    

BI 151                                  Biblical Introduction                                                                                  

CE 351                                 Principles in Christian Education                                                            

TH 261                                Systematic Theology 1                                                                             

ML 352                               Ministerial Leadership 1                                                                          

EV 351                                Evangelism and Discipleship                                                                    

MI 191                                English 1                                                                                                       

PC 376                                 Personality Development                                                                         

OT151                                 Survey of Old Testament 1                                                                      

PC 362                                 Childhood Educational Ministry                                                             

MI 361                                History of Missions                                                                                    

HI 251                                 Asian Religions and Traditions                                                                

MI 366                                Intercultural Dynamics                                                                             

MI 261                                Spiritual Warfare in Missions                                                                  

NT 151                                Survey of the New Testament 1                                                             

ML 361                               Training for Trainers/Discovery Bible Study Method                        

MI 241                                Sort Term Effectiveness                                                                           

BI 152                                  Hermeneutics 1                                                                                          

TC 151                                 Computer 1                                                                                                 

Field Education 1             (Short Term Domestic Mission Trip)                                                     




MI 253                                Cross Cultural Communication                                                               

MI 253                                Cultural Anthropology                                                                              

NT 152                                Survey of New Testament II                                                                    

OT 152                                Survey of Old Testament II                                                                      

CE 251                                Christian Apologetics                                                                                

PC 361                                The Minister as Crisis Counselor                                                            

TH 262                                Systematic Theology II                                                                             

ML 362                               Christian Stewardship                                                                               

MI 362                                Contemporary Issues in Missions                                                          

HT 263                                World Geography                                                                                      

HO 371                               Health Orientation                                                                                     

CE 362                                 Youth Educational Ministry                                                                     

MI 263                                Planting Missional Churches                                                                   

MI 192                                English II                                                                                                      

HT 261                                Church History 1                                                                                        

TE 151                                 Christian Ethics                                                                                           

ML 352                               Ministerial Leadership II                                                                          

EV 361                                Church Planting and Church Growth                                                    

TE 152                                 Computer II                                                                                                 

Field Education II             (International Asian Mission Trip)                                                          4




MI 262                                Pastoral Counseling Across Culture                                                       

CE 351                                 Principles of Biblical Preaching                                                               

TH 251                                Theology and Culture                                                                                

MI 363                                Strategic Planning and Management in Missions                              

CC 362                                Varieties of Preaching                                                                               

TH 263                                Systematic Theology III                                                                            

OT 153                                Survey of Old Testament III                                                                    

NT 153                                Survey of New Testament III                                                                  

MI 193                                English III (Composition Writing)                                                                           

TH 273                                Eschatology                                                                                                 

CE 371                                 Adult Education                                                                                          

HT 253                                World Religions                                                                                          

MI 364                                Philosophy of Ministry for Missionary Life                                          

NT 174                                Book of Romans                                                                                         

NT 174B                              Book of Revelations                                                                                   

HT 262                                Church History II                                                                                        

CE 361                                Sunday School and Visitation                                                                  

HE 160                                Hebrew Tools                                                                                             

EV 361                                Principles of Church Growth                                                                   

GR 160                                Greek Tools                                                                                                 

MI 343                                Community Development III (TESDA Skills)                                          4              

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